Industry Road Safety Alliance

Road safety communications

The Industry Road Safety Alliance South West is an independent, collaborative group taking in industry, government and community players across the area bounded roughly by Greater Bunbury, Collie, Boddington and Pinjarra.

The Alliance’s goal is to help mitigate and manage risks associated with industry road traffic with the ultimate outcome of improving safety and reducing trauma for all road users.

Gumfire has acted in a project management role for the Alliance since October 2017, creating a number of campaigns that are distributed throughout its member workforces.

Examples of our work

Easter Road Safety

It’s tragic but true that road trauma is nearly as synonymous with Easter as chocolate eggs.

Every Easter, lives are lost or shattered as people hit the road to make the most of the extended break.

During 2017, 158 people were killed in crashes on WA roads. Alarmingly, 90 of those deaths occurred on regional roads.

What will you do to prevent another Easter tragedy and another terrible year on WA roads?

Young Drivers

142 P-plates are issued every day in WA - that's 52,000 every year!

Whether you’re a novice driver yourself, a parent of a teen in the early years of their driving career, or just sharing the road, being aware of young drivers is something that relates to all of us.

20 per cent of all people killed or seriously injured on WA roads are aged 17-24.

Of all hospitalisations of young Australians, almost half are drivers involved in a road traffic crash and another quarter of those are passengers.

Drive Safely for the Ones You Love

What do you think about when you start your engine?

Where you’re going? What route you’ll take? If you’ll arrive on time?

What if you thought about the people you love most instead?

Would you make better driving decisions?


Are you ready to get started?