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TraaVerse is a family-owned and run tours and transfer business based in Collie.
Simone and Dion came to us for help with branding and positioning of the company in order to set themselves up for success.
The triangular brand is aspirational, softened with rounded edges. Its broken shape has a start and a finish, inviting the eye to take a tour to invoke a sense of energy and movement.

Examples of our work

Style guide

TraaVerse's style guide helps keep their brand development on track, defining its mission and value proposition, target markets, brand styling and providing examples of use.


A fully responsive website with multiple pages of information, tours and transfer information and contact form.

A great example of a website for a medium-sized small business, ready to scale up.

Printed materials

Graphic design for business cards and flyers, to help set this adventure business on the right track.

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